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Apostille processing times

Apostille processing times

Apostille processing times

December 5, 2023 apostille-online Comments Off

The time it takes to get an apostille depends on the type of document, the type of apostille, and the method of application. According to the web search results, the average processing times are:

For paper-based apostille, which is a physical certificate attached to the document, it usually takes up to 5 working days, plus courier or postage time. You need to send your documents by post to the Legalisation Office, or submit them in person if you are a registered business https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised.

For electronic apostille, which is a digital certificate attached to a PDF file that contains the document, it usually takes up to 2 working days https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised. You need to upload your documents as PDF files that have been electronically signed by a UK notary or solicitor to the online service provided by the Legalisation Office https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised. However, these are only estimated times and they may vary depending on the availability and workload of the Legalisation Office.

Some factors that may cause delays are:

If the document is incorrectly certified or not eligible for apostille.

If the signature on the document is not recognised by the Legalisation Office and they need to contact the person who signed it to verify it.

If the person who needs the document requires additional services, such as translation or embassy attestation.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the requirements and the current time frame before applying for an apostille. You can also contact us for professional and experienced apostille services. We can help you get your documents legalised quickly and easily, and we can also help you with other services, such as solicitor certification, translation, and embassy attestation.