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Certificate of Life for Spanish Expats

Certificate of Life for Spanish Expats

Certificate of Life for Spanish Expats

December 8, 2023 apostille-online Comments Off

For European citizens residing in Spain, irrespective of their nationality, a Proof of Life certificate, known as “Fe de Vida,” is one of the most important pieces of paper needed. The certificate is issued by Spanish authorities and is used for legal proof of an individual’s existence and marital status. It has a wide range of uses, both in Spain and the home country. If you or a relative is living in Spain and wishes to access benefits, pension or even open a bank account in either country, they may be asked to get an apostille on the certificate to verify that it is genuine.

Main Uses of a Proof of Life Certificate or “Fe de Vida”

The main purpose of the Spanish Proof of Life certificate, or “Fe de Vida,” is to validate eligibility for Social Security benefits. Many people who were originally from the UK or other parts of Europe are eligible for certain benefits under the Spanish social security system. People must get a Proof of Life certificate every year and submit it to the Provincial Office of the National Institute of Social Security make sure their benefits continue to be paid. The Spanish government relies on this document to ensure accurate fund allocation and prevent fraudulent claims.

Additional Uses of the Proof of Life Certificate

Although most people will come across the Proof of Life system when applying for Social Security benefits, there are other situations when you might need one too. This includes getting a civil marriage or applying for Spanish nationality. Any dealings with the Spanish government or legal authorities might come with a request for this essential piece of paperwork, so once issued, keep it in a safe place.

Getting a Proof of Life Certificate

The first step in getting your Proof of Life certificate is to visit the local Civil Registry office. You will be asked to attend the court house in person to ask for your certificate as the system does not allow you to apply online or by post. Bring with you the requested documents, such as your passport, residency permit or birth certificate. Check with the authorities in advance what documents they wish to see, and whether you will need to have these apostilled as genuine. One of the documents which is commonly requested is a marriage certificate to prove marital status. If you were married in the UK before moving to Spain, then this document will have to be apostilled to be verified as genuine before it can be accepted by the Spanish legal system.

If you are unable to attend the court house in person, then you can nominate someone else to go on your behalf. They will have to present all your documents, along with a certificate to prove that you are too unwell to keep the appointment yourself. You can pay for a lawyer or similar official to do this for you, but they will obviously charge for this service.